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Falassarna is located in the western side of north Crete, in a distance of 18km from Kissamos, and 55km from the city of Chania.

The area is ideal for peaceful holidays, relaxation and rejuvenation. The natural large bay with the long sandy beaches, the crystal clear waters and the mountainous volume with the olive trees create a very beautiful environment.

The findings of the ancient Falassarna that was the port of ancient Polirrinia are located in a distance of 300 meters from the sea, scattered among the fields. The protected location, the reinforced fortresses as well as the other archaeological findings show that town was an important naval and commercial center. The latest excavations have preserved the following monuments:

  • The Greek port with the reinforced fortresses
  • The ancient quarry
  • The carved throne
  • The cube-shaped graves

The area is ideal for walking, excursions to the traditional villages and the near-by beaches, the archaeological sites, the city of Chania, the canyons et cetera.

The famous canyon of Samaria

The city of Chania

The island of Elaphonisi

Some of the attractions we recommend you to visit are the following:

  • The ancient Falassarna
  • The never-ending beaches
  • The island and the area of Gramvousa with the exotic beach of Balos
  • The island of Elaphonisi and the monastery of Chrisoskalitisa
  • The canyon of Samaria
  • The seaside village of Sougias
  • The city of Chania